The return of competitive sport to EHSU

Since 2014, competitive sport at Edge Hill had been delivered to it’s members by Edge Hill Sport. In the 2016 Annual Members Meeting (AMM) for EHSU, known as ‘The BIG Student Voice’, a motion was passed by those present calling for the Students’ Union to reclaim control of competitive sport. The officers and staff then worked to resolve this issue, which was deemed so deeply important to its members.

After months of negotiations between both Edge Hill Sport and Edge Hill Students’ Union, we can now confirm as of the 1st August that EHSU has reclaimed control of competitive sport.

Below is a statement from Lee Arrowsmith, the student who first proposed the motion and current VP Activities.

“Last year at the ‘BIG Student Voice’, I suggested that sport should be provided by the Students’ Union. In my opinion, no one can represent students and their interests better than your very own Students’ Union. During the ‘BIG Student Voice’ my point was respected and responded to there and then, showing me how any student can affect change within their university if they are just willing to voice their opinions.

Since passing the motion at the ‘BIG Student Voice’, Pat (VP Activities 2015/16), Steve (President 2015/16) and the rest of the team at EHSU worked tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome for the members.

I have also since been elected as your EHSU VP Activities 2016/17. This year will bring many challenges, however I believe that through communicating with each other, giving you the skills and experiences you want whilst competing, those challenges will be overcome. I am unbelievably passionate about sport, but even more passionate about the student experience and I endeavour to carry on the hard work that was started and give you the best possible student experience through sport at Edge Hill. Sport has been the reason behind so many of my unforgettable moments at Edge Hill, and I truly believe that your Students’ Union can do the same for you.

So please get in contact, let me hear what you want, and let me try and make it happen for you!

Very best of luck!”

We will be in touch directly with all clubs over the coming weeks with further information, in the meantime if you have any urgent enquiries please contact us directly through the SU Reception or via the contact details below:

Lee Arrowsmith (VP Activities) at

Rosa Hussey (Sports Development Officer) at