Your Student Reps


Here you can find out who your Student Rep is and how to they fulfill their role.

For those of you who are a Student Rep then you will also find details about what the role is, resources to help you in your role and how to access all of the support you have on offer. 


Student Reps are essential to the development of your teaching and learning experience here at Edge hill. Every department should have around two Student Reps per year. 


Being a Studen Rep will give you an opportunity to meet senior University staff and give them your honest opinion of how good, or bad, you feel your experiences, of your course, have been. Feeding back in this way can create change for the better and as a Student Rep you will be responsible for being the ‘voice’ for the rest of your peers, ensuring students viewpoints are listened to. 


Being a Student Rep is a very enriching experience, it will help your networking and social circles grow and really "round out" your time here. 


Not to mention it may even inspire you to go on to even bigger things like running for the role of VP Academic Representative which will give you a platform to influence academics at an even higher level. 


You can be the change needed to improve and enhance your time here at Edge Hill so get involved & help us represent you!