All students have the right to submit an academic appeal against the outcomes of the various assessment boards, malpractice panels and fitness to practise panels.


Students can only appeal against the decision of a Board or Panel following receipt of the formal decision letter/academic transcript or release of assessment results online.


The deadline for submission of an academic appeal will normally be 10 working days after confirmation of the decision has been issued, the definitive deadline date may also be included as part of the decision letter/results but the general deadline is 10 working days from release of results.



What you can and can’t appeal


The only accepted grounds for an appeal are;


i) Procedural Irregularity in the Assessment Process

ii) Bias or Perception of Bias

iii) Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances, details which were, for good reason, not previously available to the appropriate Assessment Boards via the EMC process.



Students cannot appeal about the following;


i) Disagreement with a mark or grade;

ii) Disagreement with a degree classification awarded;

iii) Challenges to academic judgements of examiners on an assessment outcome or the level of award recommended or granted;

iv) Claims that academic performance was adversely affected by factors such as ill-health, where there is no independent, medical or other evidence to substantiate this;

v) Complaints against the delivery of teaching and methods of assessment;

vi) Appeals where no new circumstances are presented or where there is no justification for failing to present the circumstances at the original Board/Panel.


Submitting an appeal


To submit an academic appeal you must complete an Academic Appeal form. This involves writing a factual statement explaining why you feel you meet the grounds for appeal and provide evidence to support this.


Your application should then be submitted to Academic Registry who are based downstairs in the Student Information Centre (SIC). If you hand in your appeal in person, ensure that you obtain a receipt for this.


You can also submit your appeal via email at


If your stage 1 appeal is rejected, you can request a stage 2 academic appeal, where you can present your case to an academic appeals panel.


The SU advice centre can help students through both stages of the appeal by;

  • providing procedural advice
  • reviewing appeals forms, statement and supporting evidence
  • assisting with a stage 2 request
  • we can also attend any consequent panel hearing (*dependent on appropriate prior notice and staff availability)




In addition to the below links (including guidance documents and the appeals form itself), we have also included a link to a template letter based on an appeal that would be focussed on mitigating circumstances.



There is more information about the appeals procedure here on the EHU website.


If you would like to speak to an adviser about an academic appeal, you can now book a 30 minute appointment online here or here