Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances (EMC)

This page contains information regarding applying for Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances. Information on this page was collated by members of our expert Advice Team.



Prior to claiming for Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances (EMC)


Do you need an extension for your assessments instead of a deferral?


Then contact your tutor/module lead to see if this is possible, you may need evidence to support your claim. Extensions are normally up to 2 weeks.


Key Advice tip: You do not need to submit an EMC to request a coursework extension.




The EMC Process explained: 


This process applies when a student experiences short term, serious and unexpected circumstances which affect their ability to complete their work (or to produce work at their normal level) such as bereavement, injuries or illness (not an exhaustive list). 


It is not applicable for students with long term conditions, as this should be dealt with by the inclusion team (unless there is a change or spike in symptoms or it relates to an issue separate from the condition). 


If your circumstances relate to a planned event e.g. an operation then there is a separate deferral process. 






You will need to complete an EMC form either on paper or online and attach relevant evidence with it, such as a letter from your GP which covers the time period of your assessment. 


Without evidence your EMC may not be accepted by the EMC panel who consider applications.


You will need to create a statement explaining your personal circumstances and how you have been affected and to state how this has affected your studies at this particular time. An SU adviser can review can review your statement and evidence before you submit it and offer advice and support.






There are particular deadlines for an EMC to be accepted, this is different for each course and is detailed on the Edge Hill website.


Normally you should try and submit your EMC prior to the assessment deadline. You will not usually find out if your EMC has been accepted until after your submission date, so if you are able to submit early please do.





If successful you will get another attempt at the assessment, uncapped if it was your first attempt (this is called a “Deferral” attempt).


If the EMC submission was submitted in relation to a capped 2nd attempt and the assignment was marked as a fail, you would be allowed a further capped attempt if the EMC is successful. 


The outcome of your EMC may be detailed on your grading transcript. You will subsequently be given a resubmission date by your faculty.


Currently, there is no appeal route for EMC. If your EMC claim has been rejected then you will need to consider the academic appeal route.




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