The BIG Student Clearout


The Students’ Union in partnership with the University services run a Reuse scheme called ‘The Big Student Clear Out’  at the end of the summer term to divert unwanted items from landfill and back into the community for positive use. This is campus and community wide asking those who live in halls, off campus students, and staff to donate anything they no longer need as the academic year drawers to a close. The project aims to collect anything and everything that is clean and reusable. We collaboratively call for items such as clothes, kitchen equipment, working electrical items and sealed or non-perishable food (in date).

Last year over a tonne of stuff was donated and diverted from landfill and some of the things donated were sold at the Big Student Resale to new students in September raising over £400 for RAG! 

The items you donate will be sorted and donated to local charities. Some of the charities that will benefit are listed below (please be aware this list is not exhaustive and other charities may receive items depending on the volume donated):


  • Freshfields
  • Student Minds
  • War Child
  • Ormskirk Food Bank 
  • Southport Soup Kitchen 
  • The Whitechapel Centre


In order to donate you simply need to follow these 3 steps;


  1. Collect a green bag from one of the following places;
  • SU Activities Office - Opposite the SU Bar
  • SU Sab Office - Upstairs in the Hub
  • SIC Repection
  • FM Reception
  • Your SA Upon request


  1. Fill the bag of things you no longer need but someone else can get use. Where possible talk to your flat mates and fill the bags together according to type of items, so clothes and textiles in one bag, books, games, Dvd’s in another, crockery and kitchenware together etc. (Please do not put sharp items in these bags, sharps can be dropped off at the collection points or in designated white buckets.)


  1. Then either leave the bag in you halls kitchen, or bring it to the SU offices upstairs in the HUB.



It's as simple as that, take a quick look at the items we cannot accept below and happy donating!!


Please don’t donate;




Used towels


Take out boxes (please recycle)

Damaged,stained or broken goods

Unwashed dishes

Half-eaten, out of date or open food

Used or open make up and cleaning products