The Big Student Clear Out is BACK!


Instead of throwing away the stuff you won't be using again next year, pack it up in one of our big green bin bags and donate it to the Big Student Clear Out


With plans to donate your items to local charities, to reuse them in inventive and innovative ways, and to provide stock for our Big Student Table Top sale in October, this year's Big Student Clear Out is bigger, better, and easier to get involved with than EVER BEFORE!





What NOT to put in your green bags


  • Sharp Objects: Sharp objects are to be placed in the recycling tubs provided by housekeepers.
  • Kitchenware and Crockery: Kitchenware and crockery is also to be left in recycling tubs, or failing that, in organised piles in the kitchen.
  • Dirty Items: Items that are not clean unfortunately cannot be donated and / or reused. Please ensure everything you donate is in a reasonable condition.
  • Inappropriate / sexually explicit objects: Common sense is best exercised here. If you wouldn’t be happy with someone discovering the object while you were in the room, it’s probably best not to put it in at all…



Please be aware that money may be deducted from your damage deposit if we find items in your green donation bag that are not permitted. Please use your own donation bag and do not share it with your flatmates.