Black History Month


What is Black History Month?


Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements of black people and communities. The celebration has origins in the United States, but has since grown in prominence in the United Kingdom and across the globe.


Black History Month is about education, celebration, and the diversification of perspectives, particularly in areas that may typically overlook black perspectives and viewpoints.


Black History Month runs from 1 October – 31 October.




Celebration. Raising Voices. Direct Action.


Over summer, Edge Hill students proved they weren’t willing to stand by and be silent witnesses to continued injustice. 2020 has not only been the year of COVID-19, it has also seen the widespread invigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement.


While current lockdown restrictions may prevent us from many of the in-person activities and events we have seen in previous years, there are loads of opportunities to get involved at both your Students’ Union and University during Black History Month:


  • WE NEED A BAME OFFICER! Edge Hill Students’ Union is on the lookout for a BAME Officer for the next academic year. Anyone interested should head over to our elections webpage to read more about this exciting role!


  • EHSU GROUPS AND COMMUNITIES: Here at the Students’ Union, we have an amazing Multicultural Society which are looking to grow their membership. We’ll also be working with them over the course of Black History Month to deliver content via our social media channels.


  • DIVERSIFYING THE CURRICULUM: One of our cornerstone campaigns for 2020 is to push towards Diversifying the curriculum. That means more diverse voices, backgrounds, and perspectives. For more information about why it's important, who is affected, and how to get involved, head to the campaign page


  • OUR PLATFORM IS YOUR PLATFORM: Are you part of Edge Hill’s BAME community and working on a project or a piece of research? We’d love to shout about your work and help you get the response you need. Simply email with the subject line BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Include as much details as possible in your email and one of our team will get back to you.



Guest Speakers organised by Edge Hill University 


Edge Hill University has organised two incredibly exciting virtual talks with guest speakers. These events are free to attend for students, and will be invaluable for anyone interested in subjects related to representation in the media, diversity and inclusion in higher education settings, and equality and diversity more generally. 


Use the links below to book your place:





Get involved with the BAME Student Network


Edge Hill Students’ Union’s BAME Student Network is brand new for 2020/21.


If you want to be the first to find out about collaborative projects, campaigns that directly affect Edge Hill University’s BAME student community, and opportunities like our BAME student officer, joining our BAME Student network is a must.


  • Simply email with the Subject line BAME Network.
  • Include your name and student number in the body of the email, plus any questions you have.