Your Students’ Union is more than just a bar and venue. It’s more than an annual events calendar or a place to meet new friends. It’s more than a system of representation, or a symbol of student wellbeing on campus.


Your Students’ Union represents, enforces, and enacts change on campus. Real change. The kind of change that impacts upon your student experience every day.


Whether it’s radically improving mental health provisions on campus, or leading the way in bringing about sustainable change to university behaviours, or diversifying your curriculum to make all academic experiences representative of diverse cultures and backgrounds, your Students’ Union is at the forefront of positive change at Edge Hill.


And we do all of this through our annual campaigns.



EHSU Be A Voice - Campaign Square  EHSU Be Green - Campaign Square Diversifying My Curriculum - Campaign Square

EHSU The Night Shift - Campaign Square  EHSU Don't Let Yet - Campaign Square  EHSU Pride 2019 - Campaign Square