Diversifying My Curriculum


As an Edge Hill student, we know that when all is said and done, what you care about most is your course. So, for 2019 / 20, we want to help make your academic experience as engaging and accessible as possible!


Our Diversifying My Curriculum campaign aims to look at Edge Hill’s teaching practices and syllabi and identify areas where there are little to no focus on BAME figures and influences in academic knowledge.


Academic experiences should be reflective of our wider society, and we want to make sure that the reflection we see in our lecture theatres and textbooks includes everyone at Edge Hill University.



Did you know…


According to an NUS Survey on the subject of Liberation, Equality, and Diversity:


  • Women were less satisfied than men, especially in the areas of academic support and learning resources.
  • International students (both EU and non-EU) were significantly less satisfied with teaching than students from the UK.
  • Satisfaction profiles varied greatly by ethnicity. Most notably, students from Black backgrounds were significantly less satisfied than students from non-Black backgrounds.
  • 42% of Black students said the curriculum did not reflect issues of diversity, equality, and discrimination and 34 per cent said they did not feel able to bring their perspective as Black students into lectures, seminars, and tutorials.



Our goals!


As part of our Diversifying My Curriculum campaign, we will:

  • Ensure BAME students are individually and collectively engaged in the University’s curriculum review work.
  • Increase the visibility of BAME representation in course content.
  • Increase the visibility of BAME representation in teaching staff.
  • Improve the acknowledgement within design and development processes of how wider teaching and learning practices (including assessment and feedback) contribute to the ‘hidden curriculum’, and steps to mitigate this.
  • Improve critical thinking by using taught content to build conceptual frameworks to prevent unconscious bias and challenge assumptions
  • Enable all students to gain further insight into their fields of study by looking at a subject through a wider range of lenses (e.g. historical, legal, ethical, cultural, social or political dimensions).
  • Overall success in improved sense of belonging for BME/BAME students at Edge Hill.



How to Get Involved and Who to Contact!


If you’d like to get involved and help with our Diversifying My Curriculum campaign, all you have to do is get in touch with our Vice President Academic Representation on smallwom@edgehill.ac.uk.