The Night Shift

There is nothing more important than your safety while you live, drink, and enjoy yourself at Edge Hill campus.


The Night Shift is all about making sure that campus is a safe space for students throughout the year. Led by your SU President and Vice President Welfare, we want to:

  • Improve lighting on campus
  • Change the narrative around drugs and alcohol
  • Lobby local bars to adopt the Ask for Angela scheme
  • Develop a way for students to get to and from campus at night without having to pay in cash
  • Ensure bar staff and security are correctly trained to deal with sexual harassment
  • Develop a consent guide to go into halls.



Did you know…


In a survey of UK students by NUS:

  • 75% of respondents had had an unwanted sexual experience at least once
  • 87% of incidents related to sexual harassment occurred outside class
  • Experiences of sexual violence were heavily gendered with woman significantly more likely to experience harassment in public spaces.



How to Get Involved and Who to Contact!


This campaign will be led by your SU President and Vice President Welfare, but anyone can get involved!

If you’d like to offer your support, simply email or