**This page was updated 3rd July to outline changes to the Students' Union staff team over the upcoming month**



In responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Edge Hill Students’ Union has taken guidance from both official government advice and from our partner institution, Edge Hill University.


While the situation is still changing, we will update this page as and when any new information is released that affects Edge Hill students’ use of Students’ Union services.


As of July 4th, the advice is that social distancing measures remain in place (at a distance of 1 metres plus), to work from home if possible, and to wash your hands at regular intervals.


To reiterate, until we hear otherwise, you should follow the advice previously given to you by the University. 


In addition to accessing Students’ Union services, you can find information about Edge Hill University services here.


Please see below for guidance on how to access Students’ Union services:



Students’ Union Officer Team


As of July 1st, Full Time Officers will be back in work as part of the new team's induction session. While they are introduced to their roles, your main point of contact for enquiries should remain 


Please note: due to the Students’ Union’s reduced staff team during the COVID-19 lockdown period, staff members in charge of the sucomms account will have to prioritise enquiries and daily tasks, and as such, there may be a delay in response times.


Students' Union Finance team


Members of the SU Finance team are currently in work. As such, all enquiries should be directed towards


Students’ Union Engagement Team


As of April 1st, the Students’ Union Engagement Team will be operating at a considerably reduced capacity.


As such, all email enquiries should be directed towards at which point your email will be forwarded to the most relevant staff member.


During this period, please be patient in awaiting your response. While there may be a delay, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Students’ Union Advice Centre


The Students’ Union Advice Centre has replaced all face-to-face appointments and drop-in sessions with telephone and virtual appointments.


Students should contact the advice centre via email at, or by booking a phone appointment here.





Students’ Union Commercial Outlets (SU Bar, Shop, and Subway)


As of Friday 20th March, Edge Hill Students’ Union’s commercial outlets have been closed until further notice. This includes:


  • SU Shop (Ormskirk Campus)
  • SU Bar and VENUE (Ormskirk Campus)
  • Subway (Ormskirk Campus)