Private Accommodation Support




Our Advice Centre is doing all it can to help students who are having issues or disputes regarding private accommodation.


The facts remain the same: if you are in private accommodation, your landlord does not have to release you from the contract because of COVID-19, and as long as you’re in a contract you have to pay rent.


However, if you still find yourself in a place of uncertainty when it comes to any flexibility your landlord may allow you during these unprecedented times, we’ve got your back.


Using the expertise of the Advice Centre team, Edge Hill Students’ Union has prepared a downloadable letter you can send to your landlord asking them to support you through the coronavirus pandemic.


Here’s how to use our resource:




  • Download the letter from the Students’ Union here.
  • Email the letter to your landlord as an attachment. Explain why you are getting in touch, what the letter is, and that Edge Hill Students’ Union is a representative body for Edge Hill Students. You may also wish to cc into the email.
  • If you receive a positive response and/or an offer of support from your landlord, let us know so we can share good practice on our online platforms.




Please note: we can’t guarantee that you will receive a response, and even in the case that we do reach out and receive a response, unless you are told otherwise you are still responsible for your rent payments. It is important that you only reach out with our letter once.  


The Students' Union is an independent organisation that represents the student body. Students' Union campaigns and projects are not to be confused with the work of Edge Hill University.