Your Elected Officers


Your elected officers are Matthew Greenhalgh (SU President), Lee Arrowsmith (VP Activities), Lauren Mann (VP Welfare) and Rachel Arland (VP Academic Representation).

Together, they are here to represent you to the university, and make sure you are having the best time at Edge Hill that you possibly can. If you have any issues, want to talk about something to do with your time at university or have any ideas or suggestions to improve things, then just come up to the SU office and ask for them at reception. 

As well as the four full time elected officers we also have a team of Part Time Officers that provide further levels of representation within the SU.

Your Part Time Officer team is made up of Sherry Tebs (BME Officer), Bethany-Rose Jolliffe (Disabled Students Officer), Molly Houghton (LGBT Officer), Yotam Berant (Mature/Part Time Students Officer), Elliot Hughes (Postgraduate Students Officer) and Rosie McKenna (Women's Officer)