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Historia Normannis Ormskirk- The Medieval Re-enactment Society at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.
We do early medieval combat & crafts weekly, as well as take part in huge re-enactment shows across the country.

Join our ranks in a 12th century society with over 40 groups internationally. Our Ormskirk Medieval Re-enactment society is just one of many re-enactment societies that are exploding throughout universities across the country. By joining our society, you will soon be able to lay siege to a castle, or triumph on the battlefield. Take up arms with our society and give yourself the opportunity to learn 12th century crafts, make new friends and experience a piece of history by training with us every Sunday from 11am-4pm at Coronation Park, end of Church Fields, Ormskirk.

Historia Normannis is a 12th century reenactment group, focusing primarily on the events between the reign of Henry I and King John. Historia Normannis prides itself as a society, bringing history to life in a historically accurate, engaging and exciting way. Our events and educational visits allow people to engage with history – seeing, feeling and hearing first-hand aspects of the lives and deaths of 12th century people – Knights, freemen, craftsmen, ladies of the court and Barons of the realm.

From dynamic and exciting massed combat, knights displaying their prowess in the tourney, displays of archery, woodworking, metalworking and cooking, to the cloth making, embroidery, singing and music of the court of the time. Historia Normannis presents you the workings of a 12th century life, whilst offering new students an experience that you will never forget!

Visit for further information about the Society and for regular updates on our progress, meetings and socials. All are welcome, we look forward to meeting you and training on the battlefield!