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VGS is a welcoming place that anyone is free to come to and join! We play a variety of different games on the main board which are mainly multiplayer so that everyone can get involved! We intend on having a larger variety of games this year as well, by catering to what you as committee members want, and by running events and sessions in environments where people can interact better a and have a fun society where you can easily make friends.

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Terms and conditions

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Member's code of conduct

Video Gaming Society "VGS" occurs upstairs in the hub, which is a public space. All of our members are required to act respectful to each other and be mindful of any students or staff in the area, this includes but not limited to shouting. Members need to keep noise levels down, shouting of any kind is not ok, especially bad memes. Members are expected to clean up after themselves as we'd like to keep the area tidy.

No member is allowed to access the Hub TV or any systems connected to it, this is restricted to Officers only.

Members aren't allowed to intentionally damage or break any piece of equipment owned by VGS.

VGS has achieved the inclusive qualty stamp, the SU recognises our commitment to maintain equalty and diversity! We are a safe space for all of our members, so any sexist, racist comments aren't allowed. Any form of discrimination based on someone's gender or identity won't be tolerated.

Any member that violates the code of conduct will be removed and not welcomed at VGS.

By signing up to our society, you are agreeing to follow our code of conduct.