WAP (We Are Psychology)

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As a society we try and deliver Four main things for out members:

1. Lectures from professionals in the top of their field

2. Educational based group sessions. These are run at the request of the members. Is there a topic that you and your friends struggle with? Can't understand SPSS? Let us know and we can book a room and see if we can help out.

3. Social events. These are usually held on a Wednesday and comprise of two parts. An earlier event (such as our Wednesday Wapchats) where we take some time out of the week to sit, talk and usually make something or play a boarding game. Followed by a later event at the Students union bar / venue.

4. Finally and most importantly we act as a support network for you. If you are struggling with Work, Home life or just understanding a lecturer you can send us an email we will try our best to help you out.