3rd Year Dissertations

Here at WAP we try and support all students we especially like to help our 3rd Year Psychology Students

Bellow you will find a list of studies complete with information about it. If you like to sound of it then please click the link and read a little more about it. 

Unfortunately we can not take any responsibility for the conduct of the studies however we can confirm that all studies have been passed by the ethics board at edgehill.


Well Being and Personality traits as a student

Approximate time to complete: 15 minutes

Reqirements:   18-24 years old

Princible Investigator:     Kaleigh Mckechnie 


Exploring the effects of video game gender portrayals on gender attitudes

Approximate time to complete: 30 minutes

Reqirements:   18+ years old

Princible Investigator:     MATTHEW LAVIN

You are invited to participate in a video game research project investigating the
effects of video game gender portrayals on gender attitudes. The study will
involve you playing a pre-selected mission (max 10 minutes long) on a
PlayStation 3 video game. You will be asked to provide some demographic
information (e.g. age, gender) and answer some questions relating to gender.

please Email 23583819@edgehill.ac.uk if you would like to participate 

The Persistence of the ATNR and Social Emotional Functioning in Young Adults with Dyslexia

Approximate time to complete: 15 minutes

Reqirements:   18-25 Years old

Princible Investigator:  GEORGIA HENDERSON

The participant will be required to complete a brief questionnaire, a short reading efficiency task and a short motor task.

please Email 23621087@edgehill.ac.uk if you would like to participate

Unconscious and conscious attitudes towards mental health

Approximate time to complete: >30 minutes

Reqirements:   18-65 years old

Princible Investigator:  Amy Bennett 

The study involves two tasks, one of which is computer-based, which requires you to view words on a screen and make a quick decision about them. The other task requires you to complete a questionnaire, that is designed to assess attitudes towards mental health. There will be reference to mental health throughout.

The study will take place in a study room in the psychology building.

Please contact 23599618@edgehill.ac.uk. for more information