How should we change?

How much do you know about your Students’ Union?


Do you think we should work differently? Look differently? Support and engage with Edge Hill students differently?


Over the coming weeks, we’re running a MASSIVE PROJECT all about listening to you so we can change in the future.


By answering the questions below between Monday 14th October and Thursday 17th October, you’ll help shape your Union so we can change TOMORROW!


And as a (not so) small thank you, we’re giving away a £50 Amazon voucher as part of a lucky-dip for all participants!





Tell us what you really think!


We’re not interested in hearing what you think we want to hear…


We want you to tell us what you really think!


We’re not going to sit about debating these changes for two, three, or however many years it takes. We want to start changing tomorrow.


And if you really want to make your voice heard, remember to sign up to one of our workshops (choose a timeslot on the above survey).


All participants at our workshops will receive a £20 Amazon Voucher and complimentary lunch in return for their time!