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DID YOU KNOW that, according to a recent 2020 report, over 40% of students have experienced a psychological issue for which they felt they needed professional help, and 26.6% of students reported having a current mental health diagnosis.


Do these figures sound scary? Well, we don’t think they need to be.


Given the obvious prevalence of mental health conditions in student populations, we think that we need to get used to talking about and sharing our experiences. We need to be more open with one another and, wherever possible, try to de-stigmatise the whole dialogue that comes with mental health and poor mental health.


That’s why we want to encourage people to get in the habit of TALKing about Mental Health. Or more specifically…


Talking openly

Asking the question

Letting someone know if you’re struggling

Kicking the stigma





There are some amazing resources available at Edge Hill for anyone struggling with their mental health.


  • EHU Wellbeing Team: The wellbeing team provides appointments for Edge Hill students, in addition to links and services to external resources.
  • EHSU Advice Centre: The Advice Centre provides confidential advice independent from the University. They can help with academic disputes, appeals, student finance queries, and landlord issues.





As an Edge Hill Student, you have free access to Togetherall, an app that provides support, resources, and a 24/7 online chat service relating to Mental Health Concerns.


To find out more, visit the Togetherall website and register using your Edge Hill account details today!


So far in 2020/21:


  • 975 students have registered with Togetherall
  • 247 users have been active on the app since September 2020
  • There have been a total of 6204 page views from Edge Hill users 
  • 27 minutes is the average time spend on the Togetherall website
  • There have been 188 self-assessments from Edge Hill students




Campaign Content from Your Students’ Union


Over the coming months, we will be posting videos, resources, interviews, and blogs on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels as part of our Let’s TALK campaign.



If you would like to write for us, film with us, or discuss any opportunities relating to our Let’s TALK campaign, simply give us an email at sucomms@edgehill.ac.uk.




Mental Health Network


Throughout our campaign, we’ll be looking to talk to students about their experiences using a range of paid and voluntary workshops, feedback sessions, and video opportunities.


If any of the above options sound like your cup of tea, all you have to do is join our Let’s TALK – Mental Health and Wellbeing Student Network!


Join the Student Network Today



Let's Talk Quote from VP Welfare: "Silence is not a sign of strength and talking isn't a sign of weakness. The way we open up and talk about our own mental health, the more likely those you are talking to may open up about theirs. Who knows, you could be saving a life."