LOCKDOWN Anthology


Introducing… the LOCKDOWN Anthology of creative work, collated by Edge Hill Students’ Union.


The LOCKDOWN anthology responds to the news that, during the coronavirus pandemic, people of all backgrounds have turned to and rediscovered their passion for creativity.


Whether it’s original writing (poetry & prose), photography, art, or film, we at Edge Hill Students’ Union are accepting submissions for our first ever web-zine, and we want YOU to be part of it.


We’d love to read, watch, and witness creative pieces that respond to our current lockdown situation: what that means on a personal, societal, and even political level. We are, however, accepting all submissions from members of the Edge Hill community, and in this sense the LOCKDOWN anthology will not have a strict theme that your work must follow.


Please note: you must be a member of the Edge Hill University community to submit to LOCKDOWN. This includes both students and staff.




Submission guidelines


As COVID-19 is an ongoing (and ever-changing) situation, we are setting no concrete close date for submissions, and therefore for publication, for the time being.


While we will be selecting submissions to be collated into an online zine, we may, for the time being, publish a sample of submitted work via our social media pages until such a publication date can be set.


As such, the LOCKDOWN Anthology of Creative Work can be viewed as a rolling project.


If you are a member of the Edge Hill University community and would like to send work to be considered for publication in LOCKDOWN, please see below for our full submission guidelines:


  • We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your work has been placed or accepted elsewhere.
  • If you are submitting poetry, please send us no more than three poems. Please note, the maximum length for an individual poem is 40 lines (or, roughly, one A4 page).
  • If you are submitting prose, the maximum length per piece is 2000-3000 words. While we would prefer whole pieces that stand alone, we will accept extracts from longer works providing they make sense as a stand-alone piece.
  • For photography, film, and art pieces, please send your work digitally via the below outlined method (we do also accept submissions via WeTransfer, but you must remember to include a biographical note and short description of what you have submitted). Remember to include your project name and author bio, as outlined below.
  • In any instance, please do not submit more than once to LOCKDOWN Anthology. You can, however, submit different media within one submission (for example, one poem and one short piece of fiction).
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for published pieces of work, nor will we be charging for access to read LOCKDOWN upon its publication.


For all submissions, email your work to sucomms@edgehill.ac.uk with the subject line LOCKDOWN: [YOUR NAME]. In the body of your email, include a short biographical note (roughly 50 words), whether you are a student or staff member, in addition to a short description of what you have submitted which should include (if relevant) the name of the project.


We will reply to all submissions as and when the inbox is checked (please bear with us during peak times, we are working remotely after all!)


All selected artists, for both social media publication and eventual publication in the LOCKDOWN anthology, will be contacted prior to their work being published.