Hello 2017 Freshers


HELLO Freshers!

We are SO excited to welcome you to the family!

The next few years of your life are going to be amazing, and our friendly (honest!) team are ready to take this journey with you!

A bit confused about what a Students' Union actually is? Well, we're definitely more than just our killer SU Bar and Venue (although they are the shizzle). We see ourselves as a Uni-spouse, here for you in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better, for worse....we can cook breakfast, lunch (err, SUBWAY?!) and dinner for you, and even do the washing (well, provide a top notch laundrette)... and Graduation is basically the wedding.


Whether it's providing you with free, confidential advice in times of crisis (Academic, Welfare, Housing and everything in between), lining up an events programme to offer something for everyone (there's even a trip to Ikea in there with FREE FOOD - we know!), or offering you opportunities to try new things, build skills and gain experience to get you job-ready and wanting to change the world... we're here for you so tell us what you want us to be!



Everything we do is shaped by the feedback we get from our students, so if you like something, tell us!, and if you don't, still tell us! The next few years should be the best time of your life, so make it count, and tell us how you think it can be made better! GET INVOLVED and change the world!