What is a Students' Union?


Yes, we run the SU Bar and ‘Venue’ nightclub on campus (which are the shizzle btw), and don’t know if you’ve already heard, but you’ll also be the first Freshers to be getting a SUBWAY on campus (you can thank us later!)… but we are SO much more than that.


We are all about you!


We support you when times are hard

In an average month we’re dealing with 70 students at any one time over housing, landlords, finance, course problems, exam failures, home sickness, depression… and everything in between! So PLEASE come to see our amazing advice team if you’re struggling – YOU ARE NOT ALONE (we also make an amazing cuppa!)


We run the best societies and sports clubs

There’s literally something for everyone, and if your interest is REALLY niche (how weird can it get?!), our activities team is here to help you set up your own society and sort out all the complicated money stuff. Our ‘Team Edge Hill’ sports teams compete in games across the country as part of the BUCS league…we even have ‘Varsity’ which you DO NOT want to miss!


We represent your voice

We sit on a number of University Committees to ensure that every decision by the University is made with Students’ wants and needs in mind. That’s why we want you to get involved with us in every way possible – tell us your ideas, your issues, vote for the students you want to represent you, or even stand for Student Rep or elected officer positions yourself and campaign for change – the power to change is in your hands! 


We organise an UNBELIEVABLE lineup of events

September is probably going to be the craziest and most exciting month of your life…ever! It kicks off with WELCOME WEEK 2017 – a jam-packed week with music, food, drink, dancing, new experiences, meeting a LOT of new people and making friends for life.

But the fun doesn’t stop there (oh hells no!). Our team has put together a mind-bogglingly extraordinary calendar of events throughout the year as part of our ‘Give it a Go’ programme – a chance to take part in taster sessions, workshops, trips and activities… from puppy petting and crafternoons, to celeb blogging masterclasses and ikea coach trips (with free food, you can thank us later)... not to mention the societies and sports tasters and student development opportunities.


Our commercial ventures fund your services

Most of what we do at Edge Hill Students' Union is funded by our SU Bar, VENUE nights, SU Shop and and SUBWAY - everything you spend with us goes back into doing amazing things for Edge Hill Students, so we NEED you to shop with us, eat with us, drink with us, and party with us! Do it all in the knowledge that you're helping to make Edge Hill better!!