Parking 2018

Parking at Edge Hill central campus has been a recurring issue over a number of years, and as your Students’ Union, we want to ensure that we are representing your voice and advocating for change on your behalf.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard stories of students being denied parking permits, of students having to leave their course due to the stress caused by daily struggles with parking, and the ongoing issues surrounding getting to and from the overflow car park during peak times.


Your president, Joe Bradford, has been campaigning to bring you complete transparency when it comes to issues with parking on campus. The more we know, the more tools we have at our disposal to campaign for better solutions to the varied parking problems on campus.


Check out the resources to start this conversation, and to make the experience of coming to university better for everyone!


  • Your SU President has been campaigning on your behalf, and recently chatted to Adrian McGillion, Director of Facilities Management for the university, forwarding questions asked by students. As a result of this campaigning, and for the first time ever, the university has put their position on campus parking on the record. We want you to read the university's official position on parking, so you can let us know what more needs to be done to fix the everyday problems students are having.

  • Having read the university's official position on parking, we want you to contribute to the final student verdict. Is the university doing everything it can to resolve parking issues on campus? Have your say now!