Can I Become a Rep?

Who should nominate themselves for the Course Rep Role?


We are looking for current Edge Hill students on each part-time or full-time course, both post-graduates and undergraduates, who share some of the Students’ Union’s Core Values:


Democratic: Do you believe everyone has a right to an opinion, even if it’s different to your own?


Ambitious: Can you set a goal and work towards it?


Creative: Are you open to, or good at coming up with new ideas? Are you happy to embrace change?


Integrity: Are you the type of person who likes to ‘do the right thing’? Do you tend to stand up for others?


In addition to this we welcome nominations from all students who have different qualities, backgrounds, and academic experiences.


Don’t worry about prior experience acting as a representative – that’s what our training sessions are for! If you can spare a few hours each term and you’re keen to volunteer on behalf of your peers then you should stand to become a course rep.