Rewards and Recognition

What skills will I get out of being a Course rep?


We know that volunteering as a rep alongside managing your degree, work commitments, and homelife (to name a few things) can be tricky, so we want to make sure you get the most out of the volunteer hours you put in. We try and build up your skills in a way that is relevant to the graduate job market:


- Problem Solving

- Listening

- Communicating

- Organisation and Time-management

- Research skills


Faculty reps (course reps who are elected to go that extra mile) will take part in larger meetings with department leaders and senior faculty staff. They will gain experience around:


- Persuading and Influencing

- Presenting information

- Liaising with the wider university team


Volunteering is a two-way street…


As much as these skills will be a fantastic addition to your CV, we appreciate that it’s not all about the formal skills. Volunteering should be a two-way street and it’s important that you are recognised for the time and effort that goes in to being a rep.


We have a recognition scheme which includes…


- A letter of reference to say that you represented your course mates

- Volunteer Award Support – Use the hours you give to achieve a recognised volunteering award in conjunction with your University. For more information see the Edge Hill Student Opportunity page HERE

- Social Activities – Plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

- Formal Training Opportunities – We want you to be able to recognise all your new skills and talk about them when your studies come to an end.

- Regular newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the rest of your team.

- Rep Awards – An annual event to celebrate your hard work.


Benefits aside, our reps often feel a great sense of achievement that they have helped to build a better university experience for their peers and have had a positive impact on student experience.


And don’t forget… All our reps are incredibly well-placed to meet and speak to lots of students and staff and get a real sense of the challenges and successes experienced while studying at university. For those who are considering running for an election as a sabbatical officer or part-time officer, then this would be a great starting point.