What are Reps?

Course Reps 

Each course at Edge Hill is required to have a course representative. In larger cohorts, there may even be two or three voluntary roles available. In most cases, this is done through an election each year to make sure that students have a say about who represents them. We have a team of around 700 course reps and they are the backbone of our democratic structure.

Course reps receive training around how to gather feedback from their peers and pass it on to their course leaders to see if any of the issues can be resolved.


There are lots of perks to becoming a course rep – You can find out more HERE.


Faculty Reps

A handful of course reps will go on to represent their faculty as ‘faculty reps’. The faculty reps get involved in faculty boards where senior academic staff and support staff gather a few times a year to talk about issues that will affect their areas. Any issues that can’t be resolved at the other meetings come here for deliberation.


VP Academic Representation

Your Vice-President Academic Representation, Molly Smallwood, is a standing member of several University committees and has been elected to represent you at these meetings. Your VP offers support to all reps with difficult issues and will work hard to make sure that those issues are resolved. Her work is largely guided by the feedback collected by reps.


You can contact Molly HERE or pop upstairs to the sabbatical office in the Hub if you are on the Ormskirk Campus.