Industrial Action Advice 2020

We are currently being contacted by a large number of students advising that they are concerned about the current industrial action by university lecturers that may affect their studies.


In the first instance we would strongly advise all students to speak to staff in their department to request:

  • Information as to how their course may be affected (cancelled lectures etc.).
  • And to ask what steps the department may be taking to try to resolve any issues.

Contacting staff members directly would be the fastest way to get information of this kind.


After you have done this, if you remain unhappy or concerned that your studies will be affected you can consider submitting a complaint (and if you can then show that you have spoken to staff to try to resolve your concerns you may be able to progress direct to stage 2 of the complaints procedure). 


Examples of being affected would be:

  • Lectures being cancelled.
  • Rearranged lectures not being accessible to you.
  • Lack of academic support or feedback.
  • Work not being marked on time.
  • Delays to graduation dates.
  • Travel costs incurred to get to campus (with no notice of cancelled lecture/tutorial etc).
  • Unreasonable delay or disruption to your studies


If you believe that you have been academically or financially disadvantaged due to the above examples you can submit a complaint to the university and could consider requesting some form of compensation if you can show that any action the university has taken to resolve the issues has not been effective.


We strongly advise that you submit an internal complaint to the university (rather than go to an external agency). We have received advice and guidance from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) in regards to how this affected students during the last period of industrial action which indicates that a lot of students were unable to get a satisfactory outcome where they had used an external agency. In most cases, universities were able to defend themselves by pointing out that the student/claimant had not given the university the opportunity to try to resolve the matter internally in the first instance, so it's vital that you submit a complaint internally as your first step.


We can forward students a complaint form, the university complaints guidance, and also the group complaint guidance (in case you would prefer to submit a group complaint on behalf of the cohort).


You would need to provide dates and times of the affected lectures and whether an appropriate response has been provided by EHU in regards to a rearranged date (or any other solution), and state clearly why and how you have been affected.


Unfortunately, SU advice is not currently in a position to give advice regarding any course-specific information in regards to submission extensions or rescheduled lectures etc. as this information has not been shared with us.


If you would like us to send information about the complaints procedure, please contact the Advice Centre via



Further information about students being affected by industrial action can be found on the Office of The Independent Adjudicator (OIA) website here (including case studies from previous industrial action complaints.