EHSU Executive Committee is made up of your four full time officers and 6 part time officers. The commitee is repsonsible for passing policy of the SU and meets 4-5 times per year.


Current EHSU Policy 

EHSU #Bursary or Bust Policy 

EHSU 24 Hour Library Policy 

EHSU Annonymous Marking Policy - Removing the Straight White & Male Mark 

EHSU Anti TEF Policy - Tefinetely a Bad Idea 

EHSU Closing BME Attainment Gap Policy - Good Degrees for BME

EHSU Consent Policy - If It's Not Your Body, It's Not Your Choice

EHSU Don't Boycott the NSS Policy 

EHSU Edge Link Bus Policy 

EHSU Environmental Policy - Oil's Well That Ends Well 

EHSU External Speakers Policy 

EHSU Feedback for Exam Scripts 

EHSU Fight the Green Paper Attacks on Education Policy 

EHSU Free or Discounted Gym Membership for All Sports & Dance Students Policy 

EHSU International Representative in the SU Policy 

EHSU Kosher & Halal Food Provision Policy - Inclusivity Branches to Food Outlets

EHSU Lowering International Tuition Fees Policy 

EHSU Mental Health First Aid for Staff Policy

EHSU Mental Health Training Available for All Policy 

EHSU More Prayer Spaces on Campus Policy 

EHSU No Platform Policy 

EHSU Oppose Theresa May's Proposal to Introduce 35K Threshold Requirement for Non-EU Migrants Policy 

EHSU Preventing Prevent Policy - Students Not Suspects 

EHSU Provision for Introducing African & Caribbean Food Choices to the Menu Policy

EHSU Reduced Prices in Sages Policy 

EHSU Sexual Health Provision Policy - Doctor, Who?

EHSU Stonger In Policy - Campaign to Stay in Europe 

EHSU SU Should Do More to Cater for Students Who Do Not Want to Drink Alcohol Policy 

EHSU TU Policy - United We Stand


HE Paper Responses 

EHSU Response to Governonment HE Green Paper - Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice - Consultation


Official Statements 

Statement in Response to Propsal to Introduce Earnings Threshold for Non EU Migrants 

Statement in Response to Prevent Agenda 

Statement in Response to UCU Strike Action (May 2016) 

Statement in Response to EU Referendum Outcome