VP Academic Representation

Your VP Academic Representation is there to make sure you’re represented on all academic matters both locally and nationally.







Hey guys! I’m Luke, and I’m your VP Academic for 2017-19.
Before that, I studied a PGCE in Secondary English, and before that a BA in English Lit, because I’ve been here too long and will possibly never leave.
As VP Ac Rep, my role involves representing your academic issues – I sit on all major university boards and committees, and am involved nationally in education-based campaigns and networks, to achieve the best outcomes for you. I was elected to this job in 2017, and since then we’ve achieved some great things for you, including Extra Printers in the hub, timetabling improvements including Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free, more liberation student groups, successful celebration fortnight with 276% increase in student led staff awards nominations, better transgender support, governence reviews, 7 national consultations, and a LOT of research on important issues to you! 

This year we’ll expand this, and I’m excited for you to see what we get up to:


Please get in touch if you want to know more, or think there’s something that I should be doing, or if you just want to share any concerns. 
By email, Facebook, Twitter, phone or face-to-face, I’m always here to help. I look forward to working in the next year to represent you, improve our academic conditions, and eat lots from our Subway 👀
Luke ✌


Luke Myer
Vice President Academic Representation
T: 01695 65 7311
E: suvpacademicrep@edgehill.ac.uk