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Hi folks! I’m Luke, and I’m your VP Academic Representation for 2017/18. I just finished a PGCE in Secondary English (so somehow, I’m technically an English teacher), and before that I did my undergrad here, in English Lit, because I’ve been here too long and will possibly never leave.

As VP Ac Rep, my role involves representing your academic issues – I sit on all major university boards and committees, and am involved nationally in education-based campaigns and networks, to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. As well as lobbying and collaborating with the university, I also facilitate the recruitment, training and support of our course reps. It’s a lot to do!

Please get in touch if you want to know more, or think there’s something that I should be doing, or if you just want to share any concerns. By email, Facebook, Twitter, phone or face-to-face, I’m always here to help. I look forward to working in the next year to represent you, improve our academic conditions, and eat lots from our new Subway 👀

Luke ✌


Luke Myer
Vice President Academic Representation
T: 01695 65 7311
E: suvpacademicrep@edgehill.ac.uk