Set up a New Society




Setting up a New Society

So you’ve seen the list of societies and haven’t found what you were looking for or there isn’t one that’s right for you? Don’t worry, you can start one up!

Follow these simple steps and you can register and affiliate your ideal group with the Students’ Union.



Step 1

Think about what your society will look like, what it will do and then try to find 5 other likeminded people who want to join up too!!


Step 2

Complete the new group registration from here . This is your chance to tell us what your society is and what you want to do.


Step 3

Once your form has been submitted it will go to the Affiliation Panel who will review the information you have provided.

This can take up to a month and the panel might request a meeting or further information about your group.


Step 4

While we process your application, start thinking about what you would like to go on your webpage. Having your society page up to date is important as it allows other students to find your group and see what it’s all about. Make sure to prepare a description of your group and a logo as once your group has been affiliated your webpage will be ready to go. 



Benefits of Affiliating Your Group with EHSU

There are many benefits for you and your group once affiliated with Edge Hill Students’ Union.


  • Your own page on the EHSU website
  • Access to rooms and spaces on campus
  • Help and guidance on how to promote your group
  • Managed  bank accounts within the Students’ Union
  • Insurance
  • Access to personal development and group development training
  • Opportunities for financial support for your group through EHSU's funding streams for Societies.



Feeling a Bit Stuck?

Don’t panic. Contact us at or pop into the SU, for guidance on what to do.