Society Films

So you want to show a film as part of your Society… 



Films are great and sometimes there is nothing better than getting together with your friends and watching a movie, but if you are doing this as part of your society there are a few rules you have to follow to make sure your film screening is legal. 


To try and ensure we can help this happen, the SU has a film licence which will hopefully cover most society viewings and as a society affiliated to the Students’ Union it is therefore important you follow the terms of our licence.  


Before any society screening takes place follow the steps below to ensure that your screening is legal and can go ahead. 


1 Decide when and where you would like to hold your screening. It must either be in the Students’ Union or in a University room (as our licence only covers University property). 


2 Go to ( the Film Bank catalogue and check that the movie you want to screen is listed. 


3 Complete the Film Screening Slip and return it the SU at least 1 week prior to the screening. You can do this by emailing your slip to


4 Ensure that your showing is only open to members of your group and potential members. You cannot hold a showing which is open to the public. 


5 Keep the event free from entry fees. If you wish to charge money for refreshments that’s fine but you cannot charge an entry fee to the viewing as this is in breach of the terms of our licence. 


6 Bring your DVD along and enjoy!!



If you do wish to charge an entry fee, the film you wish to show isn’t listed on the Film Bank catalogue, or you cannot fulfil all of the criteria above then you will need to purchase a single viewing licence. 


If you think that you may need to purchase a single viewing licence then we can help you with this, simply contact us at with the details of your event.


No room booking will be able to be processed without proof that the screening is legal. If there are any problems you will be contacted and we will try and rectify them before the showing.