Society Funding & Finances

How to fund your society

One of the most essential parts of running a successful activity is effective budgeting so you can make sure you end the year without running out of money. There are two ways to gather funds for your society.

Self –funding

Most funding for groups comes from a combination of the following:

  • Membership fees
  • Ticketed events/activities
  • Fundraising


Download the Sports and Societies Paying In form here                    

Download the Sports and Societies Claim form here


SU Grants

We know that sometimes you need that little bit extra to get your group or project going so we have two streams of funding available that you can apply for that will help contribute towards your group be the best it can be.


The Development Grant is available for societies to help you run campaigns and events throughout the year. All affiliated societies are eligible to apply for this funding and you must demonstrate how the money if received will aid in the development of your group.  Applications can be made for up to £150, in November and February.

The applications for each cycle of the development grant will be open two weeks before the dealine date. 

The applications for the November Cycle will open on the 23rd October.


The Collaboration Grant is specifically designed to support societies working on a combined project that includes at least one other affiliated society (excluding R.A.G). Your societies must evidence how the project collaborates with other groups and will benefit all members of the groups involved equally. Applications can be made for £200 per project and funds will be split equally per group to assist with the project.

The application can be found here.