Sport Finances

Managing your finances


As an SU affiliated Group, all your funds must be kept in the SU account we have created for you. This is not a bank account in the sense that you will receive a bank card etc, it is a subset of the Students’ Unions account and we simply break up each sports team and society into sub accounts. Your account will have two balances, Private funds and Grant Funds. You can request an account update at any point via email or if you visit the SU activities centre (opposite the SU bar) we can print your account summary for you.

Private funds


Everything except money given to your group from the SU will be classed as private funds. If your group has a membership fee in addition to the Team Edge Hill Membership, this will be set up on your page on the SU website. When someone joins your group, 100% of that money will be allocated to your group account, under private funds. Similarly any money paid into your account will sit within your private funds for you to spend however you wish providing it is for your club/society.

Grant funds

This is for money that has been awarded to you by Edge Hill SU from  GIAG Funding to Stamp rewards.  As Edge Hill SU is a charity, the money paid in to your account from the Union must comply with Charity Law and so can only be spent on certain things.

Unspent Grant money is reclaimed either within a pre specified time frame or at the end of the academic year. So any money still in your account at the end of the year will be taken back by the Union – so make sure you spend it! Please refer to the feedback provided to you when awarded a grant for more detailed information.


Part of the agreement of being an affiliated Sports Club or Society within Edge Hill Students’ Union is that your group do not have any external bank accounts.  If suspicion is raised that your group have an external bank account, this will be raised with the relevant Council to decide upon action.


Spending your money


In order to access your money the SU operates a claim back system. This is to ensure transparency for all your members, so anyone is able to track what funds are being spent on, to ensure there is an accurate record for future years and to prevent one person in your group having sole access to shared funds.  There are three ways to spend your money;

  1. Buy something yourself and claim it back.
  2. Authorise the SU to buy it on your behalf using your society money.
  3. Someone provides you with a service or goods and issues an invoice - (Before you request an invoice from someone or agree to this method of payment, you must ensure that you have informed the Students’ union via email that you will be hiring a person to provide you with a service and what the cost of this service is.)

Only the core committee (or in exceptional circumstances specially designated club members) can authorise spending, this is the President, Secretary & Treasurer. If you are the person making the claim in must be counter signed by the other two committee members.

Claims can be made Up to £25 in cash, anything over this will be paid via bank transfer. You can use the claim form to authorise payment of invoices, (as long as these are pre-arranged) and you must always have proof of purchase, such as receipts.

Claim forms must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday in order for the payment to be completed within 10 workings days.


Download the Sports and Societies Claim form here

To claim back pre-approved travel expenses for BUCS Competitions download the travel expenses claim form here.


Paying in


Anyone can put money into your club account using the paying in form. If you would like to transfer money to your group account you can request the details.


Cheques and Invoices should be addressed as followed;

(Your group name) C/O Edge Hill Students’ union.

Payments may be delayed if addressed incorrectly.


Download the Sports and Societies Paying In form here         


For further information about group finances you can contact us on