VP Welfare

Molly Houghton

Your Welfare Officer is here for your health and happiness at Edge Hill. Supporting you on issues that concern you and campaigning to help build a happy inclusive community.


This year, Molly is going to :


  1. Run Mental Health campaigns showing how important self-care is for Mental Health as well as highlighting how gender can affect Mental Health, looking at the difficulties faced by Men, Women, Trans People, and all other Genders too!


  1. Work with Liberation officers throughout the year and during history months to celebrate liberation. Each year our Liberation campaigns get better, but more can be done to make them loud and proud!


  1. Working to make the SU is more accessible: Working with your disabled students’ officer and Edge Hill Sign Language Society to get as many pre-recorded SU Videos signed and captioned. I will also work to get Braille menus in the SU bar and Plain text versions of all our guides.


  1. Working with students of Faith – Working with VP Activities and students of faith to have a bigger acknowledgement and events celebrating different faiths.


  1. Housing – Housing is such an issue for many students, to work on a helpful housing guide helping students with not only advice of finding the right house but also the right house mates too!


  1. Beating Bullying – Ensuring student safety is a priority and ensuring that campaigns such as Zero Tolerance, Consent, stop spiking and hate crime continue and to also start the #BeatBullying campaign because bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground.


Molly Houghton
Vice President Welfare
T: 01695 65 4381
E: houghtom@edgehill.ac.uk