Everything we do is shaped by our students - from guiding our campaigns and events line up, to influencing the SU Shop stock and society choices, we NEED you to get involved with what we're doing so we can make sure your university experience is the best it can be. 


Some of the ways you can get involved with us are:

  • Volunteer at our welcome week and re-freshers events
  • Become a "Quack Creator" - a contributor (writer etc) for THE QUACK online student magazine!
  • Become a Course Rep
  • Put yourself up for an elected officer or part-time officer role
  • Join a society or sports team (or both...!)
  • Come to our events (that's the easy one, obvs!!)
  • Tell us how you want to change things at Edge Hill University
  • Join in the conversations on social media with us, and share what you're doing!


GET INVOLVED by getting in touch with us at or call 01695 657307 to speak to the team :)