I'm a student in Manchester, what can I do?!


OK, so there might be the M6 dividing us, but we want you to know that Edge Hill Students' Union is still here to help you, even if you're based out of St James!

Our team has frequent visits to your site to talk through how we can help you, and to encourage you to voice any concerns or changes you feel are needed to your Edge Hill experience, and we also send our mobile shop over so you can pick up your official Edge Hill merch! (remember you can also place your orders through our online shop!)

We'd urge you to vote in elections, stand for student coucil positions and elected officer roles, and keep talking to us - we can only truly represent our students in Manchester if we know what you want and need!



As an Edge Hill student in Manchester, you also have exclusive access to a number of spaces and events at MMU's Students' Union! 

It's kind of a "home from home" for us, and their staff are incredibly friendly and happy to help - check out their website to see what's on!



Research we did last year showed us that our Advice Centre and Academic Support were the most important service we offered to students - this is still available for you too!

Our Advice Centre has a really easy online appointment booking system, and you can have an appointment over the phone too - Esther and Phil, aka our Advice-giving superduo deal with hundreds of students every year on anything from exam failings and academic appeals, to landlord troubles, money problems and everything in between. They will always listen, take you seriously, and NEVER JUDGE. Don't ever feel that you are alone!

We also have Course Reps on every course - this person is a great point of contact for you to speak to about any course issues you might be having. Our Academic and Campaigns Coordinators will be in touch with you soon to tell you who your Course Rep is!