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Ever thought about what makes a difference to you?


Maybe it’s your morning coffee, or seeing friends after lectures? Maybe it’s just taking some time to be by yourself at the end of the day.


For many Trans and Non-Binary students on University campuses, there are unseen and often unspoken about obstacles that threaten to derail their University experience at any moment. Did you know, for example, that a report by Stonewall found that more than a third of trans university students had experienced negative comments or behaviour from staff?


Our Make a Difference campaign seeks to remedy just that. We want to breakdown some of the everyday obstacles that Trans and Non-Binary students face at Edge Hill.


Led by your Trans and Non-Binary Officer, Sam Colson, our campaign will focus on resources for trans and non-binary students, education of Edge Hill staff members and the wider Edge Hill community, and ensuring long-term protection for Trans and Non-Binary students within the Students’ Union.




Sometimes, letting your lecturers and tutors know your preferred pronouns is difficult, especially if you’re new to campus.


To make this process easier, your Trans and Non-Binary Officer has created a simple email template for Trans and Non-Binary students to use when informing academic staff of their pronouns.



For Staff


Want to help the Trans and Non-Binary students in your classes? Check out our resources for academic staff to see how you can make a difference!


Trans and Non-Binary Students Network


Want to keep up to date with our Make a Difference campaign? Or be the first to find out about paid and voluntary opportunities for Trans and Non-Binary students on campus?


Join our Trans and Non-Binary Student Network today!


Statement from Your Trans and Non-Binary Officer


Hello, my name is Sam Colson (They/Them) and I am the Trans and Non-Binary Officer for Edge Hill Students' Union. This campaign is so important as it doesn't just focus on the students but also on bringing awareness to the staff that work at Edge Hill, making sure we are ALL aware of transgender issues so we can better work together as a community to bring forward positive representation and support for trans students as a wider and unified Edge Hill community. 


I am currently working with a focus group of trans, non-binary and genderqueer students, as well as allies to the community, to bring forward positive change.


This includes email templates which trans students can send to lecturers to let them know of their pronouns and identity and Transgender Awareness Presentations which are being presented to academic and support staff within the university. 


It is so important to me to hear the voices and opinions from different people within the transgender community who have different experiences and identities. I make sure to run everything I do past this focus group of students who will ultimately be the ones affected by it. We then have a discussion about how it can be improved/tweaked to better represent the community before I put it forward to the Students' Union as a campaign, event or policy. 



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