Student Council

Student Council is your opportunity to put forward your ideas!


Is there something at Edge Hill University that YOU think needs addressing? Whether it’s a Students’ Union campaign or improving resources around your academic experience, the best way to use your voice to affect positive change on campus is by submitting a motion at our Student Council.


Student Council takes place on the following dates:


  • Thursday 15 October
  • Thursday 3 December
  • Thursday 14 January
  • Thursday 25 February
  • Thursday 8 April
  • Thursday 20 May


If you have any questions about submitting a motion, attending council, or Student Council in general, feel free to email



Submitting a Motion


If there’s something that you feel needs changed on Edge Hill campus, you can submit a motion to be debated at student council.


Submitting a motion couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the below steps, and make sure that your finished motion is in by the deadline of two weeks before the date of Student Council.


  • Planning and background: When planning your motion, remember that evidence is important. Don't just tell us what you'd like to change, tell us why it needs to. Try and include statistics, case studies, and research that supports your argument. And never fabricate data and information. 
  • Writing your motion: In the body of your email, write 200-500 words about why you believe your idea should be implemented, the impact it could make, and further steps you wish to take. When writing your report, remember to use the SMART target framework when outlining your goals: the proposed outcomes of your motion should be specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound
  • Emailing your motion to Researched and written your motion? Now's the easy part, email it over (as well as any lingering questions you have) to and a Students' Union staff member of staff will get back to you in due course with the next steps.





For more information on Student Council, please contact