Your Academic Reps

So, you're interested in learning about Academic Reps are you?!

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Academic Reps are here to improve your teaching and learning experience at Edge Hill - it sounds a bit dry but basically they are here to make sure you have an awsome time, academically speaking!!.

Being an Academic Rep will give you an opportunity to meet senior University staff and give them your honest opinion about your course, both good and bad things. By letting staff know what students think about the course, you can encourage the staff to develop it (hopefully for the better). As an Academic Rep you would be responsible for being the ‘voice’ for the rest of class, ensuring students viewpoints are heard, valued and acted upon. 

Being an Academic Rep can have huge benefits - it’s all about how much you put into the role! You'll learn new skills, gain some new qualifications, chat with Academics who can potentially help further down the line with your career path and improve your course as you go along.

This role is all about you and ensuring your course is the best it can be.

It’s super easy to get involved and become an Academic Rep, so what are you waiting for?  APPLY TODAY!