Big Student Voice Meeting


Here at EHSU we believe that the work we do should be shaped by YOUR ideas and what you want to see happening on YOUR campus.


Every year we hold our Big Student Voice meeting where you can come along and tell us what you think we should be working on for the next 12 months.


This year’s Big Student Voice meeting takes place on Thursday 2nd February at 5pm in the SU Bar.


In order for ideas to be voted on we need at least 100 people to attend so please spread the word...



Minutes from Big Student Voice Meeting 2016

Ideas for Discussion

Idea 1 - Puppy Room

Idea 2 - Fight Song 

Idea 3 - Rolled Over Catering Credit 

Idea 4 - Edge Hill Playground 

Idea 5 - Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free

Idea 6 - Postgraduate Students' Policy 

Idea 7 - Trans & Non Binary Officer 

Idea 8 - Reduce Prices in SU Bar 

Idea 9 - Free Film Friday 

Idea 10 - Ice Rink 

Idea 11 - Indoor Hockey Opportunities

Idea 12 - Expand the Gym 

Idea 13 - Reduce Launderette Costs 

Idea 14 - Autonomy for Liberation Campaigns 

Idea 15 - Living Wage for Students

Idea 16 - Increased Student Governor Representation 

Idea 17 - Sports Congress