Rooms, Facilities & Equipment

As a society, you'll need space to meet, put on events, practice your skills and socialise.


Rooms on campus. 

You can book one off and reoccurring rooms for your society. There are a few things to consider when choosing what type of space will be appropriate;


Room capacity
It’s important that the room is big enough for the amount of people you are expecting to attend. You can download a list of room specifications here.


Room Requirements
What is the activity you will be doing and what will you need the room to do? Movable furniture, projection facilities, PC’s are all things you may or may not need and are worth thinking about when you book a room.


Is your room / meeting space accessible to all your members, in terms of location and facilities? Open spaces can be loud and intimidating, 1st and 2nd floor rooms may become hard to access if a lift is out of order, a location that is not central may be hard to find, these things amongst many others are worth discussing as a committee and with your members when you choose what type of room you want.  



Meetings that extend past 9pm should where possible take place in the main building.


Changes & amendments

If your booked space is no longer needed, or your circumstances change and you need a bigger/different room then please ensure you inform us, using the room booking form or by email. If you have a space booked and you are found to constantly not use it, this may result in your room booking being cancelled. If you use a room that is not booked by your society, your run the risk of being asked to leave the space, and we will not be able to send prospective members to your correct meeting space.


SU Spaces

The SU has a meeting room on the 1st floor of the HUB (over the bridge) known as SU1, which can be used by groups. Please specify when completing the room booking form, should you wish to use this space.

If you would like to enquire about using the SU Bar & Venue, for a society event please email  



You can book a stall in the hub or elsewhere on campus for your society via the form below. Stall bookings in the hub are confirmed by the university based on space available each week. Please be aware that Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Hub have limited space due to the market stalls.


Important information

Please ensure you make all bookings a minimum of two weeks in advance, anything less than this, you run the risk of not receiving confirmation in time. Rooms and stalls cannot be booked by a group on behalf of any external organisation. Should an activity have involvement from an external organisation, group or speaker please ensure you follow the external speaker’s process. The person who makes the booking, is responsible for ensuring that the space  is returned to its default setting.


You can book regular rooms for your meetings, one off spaces for your events and stalls to help promote your group and activity below.