Our Advice Team is at the heart of Edge Hill Students' Union. Our go-to Advice superheroes, Esther and Phil, have years of experience in dealing with Student enquiries of every type imaginable, and they make an amazing cuppa if you need a confidential chat.

They have literally dealt with everything from Landlord and Housing problems, to academic appeals, benefit questions and debt. There's honestly nothing you can't speak to them about, and PLEASE get in touch if you're feeling down, lonely or homesick too. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

All our advice is free, independent and confidential, so you can talk to us in confidence, knowing that nothing will be shared with anyone if you don't want it to be.

It's super easy to book an appointment with Esther and Phil online, so BOOK HERE (select an adviser, then select a Date and Time ) to get a slot - our Advice Centre is hard to miss, in the blue corner of our SU Building on campus!

Our privacy policy, outlining the information we require from you and why can be found HERE.