Our Advice Team is at the heart of Edge Hill Students' Union. Our go-to Advisers, Phil and Amber have years of experience in dealing with Student enquiries of all types. ( AND we have also successfully recruited a new Adviser (Richard) who will be joining the team on March 2020)

They can help with everything from Landlord and Housing problems, to academic appeals, complaints, malpractice issues etc. There's honestly nothing you can't speak to them about, and PLEASE get in touch if you're feeling down, lonely or homesick too. THEY ARE THERE TO HELP and can point you in the right direction for well-being and emotional support.

All advice from our Advice Centre is free, independent, and confidential, so you can talk to us in confidence, knowing that nothing will be shared if you don't want it to be.

It's super easy to book an appointment online, so BOOK HERE (select an adviser, then select a Date and Time ) to get a slot. (*Phone appointments are available via this link if you cannot attend in person).  -

Please note that the advice service has now relocated to our new office upstairs in The Hub in the students' Union department.

You can also send any queries you have directly to suadvice@edgehill.ac.uk! 

Our privacy policy, outlining the information we require from you and why can be found HERE.



Need some quick advice and can't wait to book an appointment? Well, we have GOOD NEWS! 

Our Advice Centre is running a new Drop-in service.

Currently, Drop-in advice sessions are available in our office (upstairs in the HUB)

Monday's             9am-12pm

Wednesday's       9am-12pm  

Thursday's           1pm-4pm

We will endeavour to increase drop-in availability in the coming months to 5 days per week after our new adviser has been trained and introduced to the advice rota.

If you have any queries and cannot attend drop-in or an appointment, drop us an email via suadvice@edgehill.ac.uk