Wednesday 13-09-2017 - 16:01
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Edge Hill Students' Union (EHSU) opened the doors for a ‘soft launch’ of its brand new SUBWAY store, located within the Students' Union building on campus on Wednesday 6th September.

The store will be employing approximately 30 student staff, who will also be working in the new SU Shop (to open on Welcome Thursday!). "We were really pleased with the standard of applications from Students for the retail positions, and very impressed by the high calibre across the board during our interview process” said Katie Crotty, Head of HR at EHSU.  

An intensive training programme saw some of the staff attend a two-week trip to SUBWAY HQ, to perfect their ‘sandwich artist’ skills.

During lunchtime on its opening day, the team made an average of 72 sandwiches an hour, with great feedback from customers on the quality and customer service.

“Any time we mention the ‘S’ word on social media, our followers go crazy, and we were overwhelmed by the success of it’s opening, considering there’s minimal external signage and we’d only promoted it on social media! We were also really pleased to see University social channels covering the event, highlighting how important it’s likely to become to the Edge Hill Campus and its Students” said Lizzie Orr, Head of Marketing. 

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