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Edge hill bee society

Edge Hill Students’ Union has worked with students, staff and local organisations to bring working beehives to campus as part of its drive on sustainability and the local environment.


This year saw the creation of Edge Hill’s brand new Bee Society, something completely led by students passionate about protecting and growing the bee population in the local area. Society members worked for months to identify partners to work with and the best location for the hives, and after much consultation and search for funding, the project got the go ahead this summer.


Edge Hill Sabbatical Officers have been driving the project forward, to secure a spot for the new fuzzy friends before the winter weather kicks in, in hope that they’ll settle into their new location well.


Dan Bocharnikov, EHSU’s Vice President Activities said, “The aims of this project are to help sustain a declining honey bee population, whilst educating future generations about the current issue. After working on this project for several months it’s great to finally bring the bees to Edge Hill. Sustainability and the environment are massively important to our students, and they were really passionate about making this happen”.


Edge Hill Students’ Union worked with Lancashire-based ‘The Bee Centre’ to become trained in ethical beekeeping, and will continue the partnership to maintain the colony.


Amy Turner, President of the Bee Society, said: “This project is all about education, welfare and doing something to stop the decline in these amazing creatures. I can’t wait to show those who wish to be involved exactly how fascinating and important these girls are. Anyone who has been involved in the project so far will know that my passion and enthusiasm to share their world has been infectious!”


The beehives and surrounding sanctuary allotment will also offer new outdoor experiences for students, staff and the local community to make friends and improve mental health, with plans for small educational events throughout the year.




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