Christian Union

  • Cu 2017


The overall aim of the Christian Union is ‘To give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ’. As a Christian Union, we put on many events for all on campus, varying from free pizza to pub quizzes, acoustic nights and many more things. We would love to have you on board and are excited to see what God has in store for us, and the rest of Edge Hill, in the upcoming year. Or feel free to come to any of our events.

We have main meetings every Thursday at 7:30pm in HUB1 (upstairs in the hub). Each week we come together to discover more about God and the plans he has for us, as well as building up friendships with each other.

We have several other events on during the week such as small groups and Water Wednesday (handing water and biscuits out to people as they are coming out of social on a Wednesday night), so if you can't make it on the Thursday feel free to come along to these events too.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - just search 'Edge Hill Christian Union'. Feel free to ask any questions and let us know if you want more information. We look forward to meeting you!

Our email is,

Instagram: @edgehillchristianunion

Twitter: @ehcu