Student Led Staff Awards 2018

Do you have an inspiring lecturer? A personal tutor who has supported you when you needed it most? Is there a member of university support staff who always brightens up your day? If so, let them know by nominating them for a Student Led Staff Award! The awards are your opportunity to say a big thank you to any member of Edge Hill staff who you think deserves a little extra recognition.


Nominations are now open!


This year, we have 12 awards across 5 categories, details of which can be found below. You can nominate as many staff members in as many categories as you like!

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching 

Nominees in this category can be any member of teaching staff who has improved your academic learning experience at Edge Hill. When nominating a staff member in this category, you should think about what particular aspects of their teaching make them outstanding. Is it their ability to share their knowledge and expertise in an engaging, inspiring way? Is there something innovative about their approach that makes your subject more interesting? Are they responsive to student feedback? Do they empower you to think differently? Whatever it is that makes them so great, let us know! There will be three awards in this category, one for each faculty.    

Personal Tutor of the Year

Your Personal Tutor plays a vital role in ensuring you have a positive experience at Edge Hill. Nominees in this category will be exceptional Personal Tutors whose help and guidance has had a demonstrable positive effect on their students. As such, in your nomination you should explain what makes your Personal Tutor so special. Possible reasons to nominate them for this award might include (but are not limited to) the following: they listen to your needs and demonstrate a great understanding of student life; their guidance has had a significant, beneficial impact on your personal and professional development; and they have supported you with an academic or pastoral issue when you needed it most. There are three awards in this category, one for each faculty.  

Support Staff of the Year

These awards will be given to members of university or students' union support staff who you think deserve some extra recognition. Previous nominees and winners in this category have included housekeepers, administration staff, department technicians, catering staff and the university postman! When nominating staff members for this award, you should explain how they make a positive contribution to life at Edge Hill, whether that be from a learning or community perspective. There will be four awards in this category. Nominations may also include more than one staff member. 

Outstanding Contribution to Feedback

Excellent feedback is a crucial part of your academic learning experience. This award recognises a staff member whose feedback has enhanced your knowledge and understanding, making you a more accomplished learner. Your nomination should detail specific aspects of the nominee's feedback that you have found helpful. Elements you choose to focus on may include, but are not limited to, the way in which the nominee delivers feedback, how it has helped you develop as a learner, and the extent to which it is detailed and constructive.   

Staff Team of the Year

While it is important to celebrate the outstanding work of individual staff members, we also think it is vital to acknowledge the teamwork that contributes to you having a fantastic time at Edge Hill. The award for Staff Team of the Year will be given to a course, departmental or professional services (e.g. Library and Student Services) team whose collaborative work has enhanced the student experience significantly. When nominating a team for this award, you should explain what it is about them that stands out. Possible reasons might include creating a sense of belonging, providing excellent course content or memorable activities, and offering high quality support both online and face to face. Try to list as many team members as possible when completing your nomination form, so we know who to contact about their excellent work!

Nominations will be open until Friday 23rd March. After nominations close, VP Academic Representation, Luke Myer, will work with Student Reps to draw up a shortlist for each category, before deciding upon the winners.


For the first time ever, this year we will be hosting a dedicated awards ceremony to celebrate the fantastic work of Edge Hill staff. If the staff member you nominate is shortlisted for an award, you will be invited to join us at the ceremony.  


The nomination data we receive will be analysed for key themes, the findings of which will be presented to the University at Edge Hill's annual Learning and Teaching Conference. As a result, your nomination may shape the future direction of learning and teaching and professional services at Edge Hill!

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