Black Lives Matter


We at Edge Hill Students’ Union are hurt, angry, and deeply saddened by the continued police brutality occurring in America following the killing of George Floyd. We cannot and will not be idle witnesses to continued and historic racist inequality and will continue to listen, learn, and signpost to the best of our ability using our platform.


As many of our student members have pointed out, silence on this matter is not support. It is complicity.


Current Edge Hill Students’ Union President, Kate Vickers, said: “It is important that we all take this time to not only actively support our black siblings but to question and interrogate ourselves and assess our own privilege as individuals and within our communities. We must make every effort to confront anti-black racism wherever we see it, no matter how difficult the conversation might be. It is our job to listen, learn, support and reflect. 


“I openly encourage all students to attend protests online or in person, sign and share petitions and make our voices heard, now and in the future. It was inspiring to see so many students of different races, faiths and backgrounds attend the peaceful protest in Ormskirk earlier this week alongside myself and some of our Part Time Officer-elects. 


“This is in no way a comprehensive list of resources and petitions, but below are some links that I have found useful in my efforts to continuously support and educate myself on the Black Lives Matter movement: 



If you would like to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement, we have signposted some further resources here and will be adding to this list periodically.


To reach out about using your voice via our platforms, email