Home Sweet Home



Moving away from home can be a little bit daunting…or a-ma-zing!!

No one telling you to tidy your room, do the dishes or saying “YOU TREAT THIS HOUSE LIKE A HOTEL!”




But sometime you miss the rules, your own bed, the home-cooked meals, your pets, etc… and feel a bit homesick.


But don’t worry, it’s completely normal! I’ve even included a few tips to help you along.


Did you know…?


70% of male students have experienced homesickness!

50% of female students have experienced homesickness!


Top Tips!!


Stay in touch with home!


Be this Facebook, Skype, or a midnight phone call to the mother, just hearing the voice of the person you miss will make you feel a million times better.


Don’t be on your own!


Make the most of Uni life. Keep yourself busy, take up a hobby or join a society. GIVE IT A GO! Try something new, meet loads of people and make some friends for life.


Find familiarity!


Find things that make you feel happy. A top notch photo wall is a must for any Uni room – Careful with the blutac though!


Comfort eat!


Within reason of course… there’s studies that show there’s food that makes you feel good! Studies show that bananas are great for preserving memory and boasting your mood.


It all starts with SELF-CARE!

But if you ever feel like you need a little more help then there are plenty of options!


Remember YOU are in charge of your own happiness.

Look after yourself.





EHSU Advice Centre

01695 657301




Helpline: 08457 90 90 90



EHU Counselling & Well-being

01695 650988



NHS Mental Health Helpline

0300 222 5931




(Prevention of Young Suicides)

Helpline: 0800 068 4141




(Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Helpline: 0800 585858

(Saturday – Tuesday, 5pm – midnight)